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Search Engine Optimization Can Help You Enhance Your Business

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Because it is statistically shown that seven out of ten links that are ultimately clicked on by people who are using search engines are natural or organic, your marketing business has a chance to enhance its offerings by offering search engine optimization to its clients so that they have a greater chance of increasing the rankings needed to bring them to the top of the results list. Three quarters of internet searchers come across what they were trying to find on page one of search results and do not wander past this point. If you can explain to your customers that search engine optimization can help them through passive marketing to land on this coveted page more often, then you will be setting yourself up for more business.

Amazingly, just under 40 percent of customers are gained from search and with ecommerce sales breaking the two hundred billion dollar mark in 2011, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to use search engine optimization, especially if they have an online store. It is your job to convince these business owners why search engine optimization and other internet marketing concepts are so important if they want to remain competitive both now and in the years to come. Fortunately, search engine optimization is an easy sell and you should have no trouble getting businesspeople to sign on for your services.

In terms of other services that you can bring to the table social media is typically the one that comes to mind the most and fortunately for you, this is just as easy to resell as SEO. It is a fact that 30 percent of businesses will outsource social media at least in part to an outside firm today which is a gain of 2 percent from 2011. This puts you in a unique position to present a complete online marketing package that contains both SEO and social media in it.

In truth, you could grow your firm to utilize other online concepts such as website design, hosting, email services, PPC ad creation, Seo blogging, and much more. The beauty of outsourcing all of these services is that you can save yourself the trouble of creating them yourself. This could mark the easiest push for growth you have ever committed to.

Through white labeling, your customers will never even know the difference. All they know is that they will be buying quality services from a trusted outfit. This will help you to increase your business.

How Hosting Improves a Company’s Online Presence


In 2011, the percentage of companies that decided to outsource their social media marketing efforts declined by 2 percent, from 28 percent in 2010 to 30 percent in 2011. This percentage dip is significant because it both represents the notion that companies are largely outsourcing these services to compete and because they are increasingly outsourcing other similar needs like search engine optimization and email services. Therefore, the need for hosting has increased as well, with more companies starting to resell web design, resell seo and resell social media than in years past.

Only about 30 percent of the time do companies even respond to social media feedback on their sites, proving yet another reason hosting has grown so much. Through a host, a company could ignore its social media efforts or could sit on the sidelines as another company handled them. Through hosting, a company could keep plugging along as normal and could get another business to handle these services for a fee, thereby improving that company’s online marketing presence through organic means and not in your face advertising tactics.

Through hosting, a company’s every Internet marketing need could be handled through a host. And the host would have good stuff to offer company clients. Through this marketing need, search engine optimization would improve upon a company’s quality and visibility of content, while social media efforts would improve its ability to connect with its audience and website design would make its overall appearance brighter and more professional.

Through hosting, a commercial entity could pay one bill every month for a multitude of services. And the costs for these services would not be significant by any stretch, since SEO, social media and similar services generally have rates that are much lower than traditional advertising rates. So companies save money while enhancing their online visibility using tools that are completely legal and ethical.

Those using the web these days are smarter, with 90 percent of adults online using social media frequently, and so these solutions are having to become the standard and not the exception. Just under 80 percent of people who use search engines explore only the organic results and avoid the paid ones entirely, while 80 percent admit to never clicking on a paid advertisement. Therefore, online advertising in its former incarnation is proving less successful, and these new methods, which use hosting to offer plentiful services ranging from social media to SEO, are now the norm.