Offer SEO to Your Clients to Help Them Improve Their Online Marketing

Reseller seo

The search engine market as a whole takes in about $16 million. If you run your own Internet services company, and you have yet to venture into the world of online marketing, you may want to consider becoming one of the industry’s SEO resellers.

In this paradigm, you would outsource search engine optimization content (SEO) to a third party that specializes in this area. It would then craft an SEO reseller plan that you could purchase with the intent of selling the SEO service developed by the company for a profit, under your own brand.

But why is SEO so important in today’s day and age? In the year 2011 alone, $200 billion in purchases were made on the Internet. In order to make these purchases, prospective customers use the web to find out information about products, services, and the businesses that provide them. And when these customers use search engines, 75% of them only go to the very first page of search engine results, disregarding all the other pages. With that in mind, it is critical that your business clients improve their SEO rankings so that they get this prominent billing in search engine results.

Furthermore, you may want to focus on helping clients use SEO to reach out to customers with smartphones and tablets. After all, 64% of people who smartphones use them to buy things. Also, businesses are notoriously under-utilizing social media to connect with customers, only responding to 30% of their feedback.

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