Don’t Leave Your Marketing to Chance SEO for Businesses

White label seo resellers

Do you own a business that is in need of more website traffic, fresh leads, and other effective internet marketing tools? If so, you could be in need of a SEO reseller. Hiring an SEO reseller can be just the jump start your business needs to increase revenue and connect more with current and potential customers. Here is a quick list of 5 steps to SEO reseller profits:

1. Keyword SEO – If you’ve ever searched for an answer or a product on the internet you can probably believe that nearly all (75%) of internet users don’t ever scroll past their first page of search results. SEO resellers can help you learn how to make sure that your company is always at the top of these search results.

2. Smart Company Blogs – Think about this – there are over 100 billion internet searches conducted each month across the globe. How many of those searches could be landing on your website? A popular SEO tip to increase website traffic is to start a company blog. Not only can blogs incorporate keywords, but they are an easy way to connect with potential customers.

3. Personalized E-mails – Another great way to connect with customers (potential and existing) is through personalized e-mails. Make sure that your company is doing more than just sending mass template emails to customers.

4. Lead Generation – A great benefit of SEO leads is that typically they have close to a 15% close rate, whereas other leads like direct mail or print advertising don’t even come close with 1.7%.

5. Social Media – Many businesses today are marketing by using their social media. SEO resellers can provide you with the best keywords to hashtag or include in statuses so that they are searchable.

These are just 5 steps to seo reseller profits, but there are many more. Discuss your company’s marketing vision with an seo reseller to see which strategy is right for you. You’ll be glad you did!

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